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The principal aim of the MoneyMate Group & Investor Awards 2016 is to reward innovation, excellence, transparency and value for money within the banking and financial services sector. Please be aware that where the award category is entitled ‘Best’, the judges will be looking for ways in which a product, a service or a project is both innovative and successful. Where two entries are close in quality, whether during the shortlisting process or in choosing a winner, please note that the entry which carries the most effective innovation will prevail.


The MoneyMate Group & Investor Awards 2016 are open to all companies operating on the island of Ireland or other companies providing services/products to investors in the Irish market.

How to Enter

Your entry should consist of a document of no more than 4 A4 pages setting out the reasons why your organisation deserves the award. It is important to take into account the criteria set out for each category and their percentile worth as the judges will be marking entries on these specific criteria. Entry forms are submitted via our online entry form. Please ensure you complete the entry form indicating the category which you are entering. Entries should include relevant data from 1st January 2015 to 1st January 2016. Closing date for entries is  1 April 2016. Please upload your entries in separate documents, one entry per category, and one document per category.

Entries cost: €130 plus VAT @ 23% for each of the categories entered.

Entries are not required for the four Longboat Analytic Funds awards
Judging Process

The entries are reviewed by a judging panel to determine the finalists list. The finalist list will then be re-evaluated to ascertain the winners list.

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