For 15 years, theMoneyMate Group & Investor Awards 2016 have been known as the pinnacle of recognition in the Irish Financial Industry.

After a break of six years we are delighted to announce that the MoneyMate Group & Investor Awards 2016 will take place on Friday the 22nd April 2016 at the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.


graphLast held in 2008, they are being relaunched in celebration of Ireland becoming a leader in the financial and funds industry as we achieve record levels of GDP growth, with a more modern and engaging format integrating a Forum on the Future of Finance.

You will hear speakers and panel discussions on a variety of domestic and international financial topics that incorporate associated Awards.

Achieving excellence in the Financial Services sector is now more challenging than ever. Therefore the awards are key to highlighting and rewarding exceptional results in difficult times. The 2016 awards will showcase achievements to both peers and the public.

For companies looking to increase their business profile with key players in the financial services sponsorship of the MoneyMate Group & Investor Awards 2016 is a unique opportunity.



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